Multi-Select Option Sets in Dynamics 365

Multi-select option sets present a method to allow users to select multiple values for any data which can be captured within an option set. An example of this may be tracking hobbies, or interests. Previously, without using anything other than standard configuration, this type of information may have been entered as multiple two-option option sets (Yes/No). Staying with our hobbies, or interest example, we may have had the following Yes/No fields: Bicycling, Motorcycling, Skiing, etc… As this list of hobbies expands, the number of Yes/No fields may become a bit cumbersome to manage, as well as make data entry more difficult. Enter the multi-select option set!


Creating multi-select option sets is as easy as creating a standard option-set. To add a new multi-select option set, open the solution you would like this to be a part of. Expand the entity to add the field to, select Fields, and New. Define the field how you normally would, but for Data Type, make sure this is set to MultiSelect Option Set. Once that is defined, create the values as you would for any option set. You will need to make a determination on whether or not a Global Option Set should be used.

Once the field has been defined, save and close, add the field to your entity form(s), and publish the customizations. When working with the multi-select option set, you will be able to select multiple values from the single option set, no more clicking on multiple Yes/No fields!


While the multi-select option set streamlines data entry, there are several limitations on them.

  1. Processes/Workflows: Multi-select options sets can be used as trigger events for Processes/workflows, but they cannot be updated within the process/workflow logic, nor can they be used in a conditional statement to perform some other branching logic condition.
  2. Business Rules: Multi-select option sets cannot be updated within the Business Rule logic, nor can they be used in a conditional statement to perform some other branching logic condition.

As long as you do not need to leverage Process/Workflow, and/or Business Rules around your multi-select option sets, they are a great feature to leverage within the Dynamics 365 application.