Often Overlooked Features in Advanced Find for Dynamics 365

While Advanced Find for Dynamics 365 is a powerful ad hoc query tool, there are many features in the tool which you may be overlooking when using the tool. While what I have included below is not an exhaustive list of all features available, it will provide enough information to explore some of the features offered. Continue reading

Updating Child Records in a One:Many Relationship in Dynamics 365

A requirement which is often surfaced is the ability to update child records in a one:many relationship in Dynamics 365. Probably the most common scenario is an update to an Account should update the Contacts related to that Account. For our example, we will look at this using the standard Telephone1 field on both Account (Main Phone) and Contact (Business Phone). Continue reading

Importing Records with Non-Typical Entity Look-Ups

In Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, there may be times when you need to import child records in a one-to-many (1:N) relationship which include a relationship to a parent record, but instead of having access to the Primary Field used by D365/CRM for the parent record, you have access to some other identifier such as an Account Number or ID. Continue reading

Migrating Unified Service Desk (USD) to Unified Interface (UCI)

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM version 9.0, we now have most of the core functionalities of sales and customer service available in the Unified Interface (UCI). Seeing the benefits of this new design, I really wanted to update my Unified Service Desk (USD) solution to include this new user experience within Dynamics 365/CRM. Continue reading